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David Myron

David Myron, 2 days ago

PHS Commencement Live Stream If there are technical issues check the district website for rapid updates

David Myron

David Myron, 2 months ago

Perry E3 Program. Perry HS is pleased to announce the arrival of Ms. Megan Allison, LMSW. A licensed Social Worker who can meet with students during the school day to deliver mental health services. The Consent Form is available at this link: The information is handled via the Shiawassee Health Department and is collect through a HIPPA compliant system that does not interface with PPS school systems. Your insurance will be billed for services provided by the E3 Program. If you do not have insurance, services will not be denied. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns at the following number: 517-625-0009.

David Myron

David Myron, 3 months ago

To Perry High School: We are happy that you are going to be using our services to complete the Perception Surveys. As I’m sure you know, you will find the data collected to be very helpful in completing state reports and planning for the future. Your surveys are scheduled for 02/07/2022 thru 02/23/2022. Below you will find the links for each survey. To send in emails or to add a link to your webpage, please use the following: Parent Survey: Staff Survey: Student Survey:

David Myron

David Myron, 4 months ago

FamilyID Instructions for those who do not already have an account.

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