Seventh grade students will have a total of six class periods and a Seminar/Lunch period in their school day:

Core Required Classes:

1.Language Arts



4.Social Studies

**A Note about Math: Students who are on the advanced Math track will be placed in Algebra, based on their Math 7 Semester 1 and Q3 grades and teacher recommendation. Students may also choose to be placed in Math 8 (pre-algebra) and then take Algebra in 8th grade.

7th Grade Exploratory Classes:

All 7th Grade students also take a rotation of Health, Technology, Personal Conditioning and Physical Education, for 1 marking period each (9 weeks).

7th Grade Electives:

Students can choose one of the following options:

-7th grade Band- Full Year

-7th/8th grade Choir- Full Year

-Ag. Science (FFA)

-Rec. Sports