aBOUT us

Perry High School is a 9-12 public school with a fine tradition of educating mid-Michigan students since 1881. From its humble beginnings as a small, rural school, we have become a leader in technology and educational innovation, all without losing our community focus.

PHS offers a curriculum that's rich with Advanced Placement classes, college dual enrollment classes, career and technical education, and an Early College program that offers a free year of college after graduation. In addition, students receive personal attention to tailor their high school experience so they may reach their college and career goals, while also progressing through the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

Our teachers are caring, and our curriculum is state of the art. With innovative programs to both push students' learning as well as support them when they struggle, we believe every student should and can learn in a rigorous environment such as Perry High School offers. Our successful standardized test scores speak for themselves: we are among the top two or three schools in the county, and we outpace the State of Michigan's scores each year.

As area innovators in technology, we have been a "One to One" school for years, with 100% of students and teachers using digital devices every day, in every class. Student learning is enhanced through use of Chromebooks, iPads, and computers, and parental communication is greatly increased.

Perry High also boasts top-notch enrichment and extracurricular activities. Our athletics teams are very competitive in the Greater Lansing Athletic Conference, many having recently placed or won numerous championship titles, including basketball, track, wrestling, bowling, and soccer. Our academic clubs and teams--such as Band, Choir, Science Olympiad, and FFA--are also regular champions as well.
"Go Ramblers" is both a rallying cry and the truth at Perry High School. We "go," we move, and we push forward, in academics and in all other ways. Perry High School, a proud school with a fine community, is truly one of the best schools in mid-Michigan.